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An ERP software is a technology-based software solution for business process automation. Bangladeshi cloud-based ERP software provider An integrated software solution known as ERP handles all aspects of a business, including payroll, orders, inventory, scheduling operations, production, and accounting and financial records. The ultimate goal of ERP is to enhance the business environment and maximize investment returns.

Onkhon offers cloud-based ERP solutions for Bangladesh’s production company and all kinds of businesses. The management of your company’s accounts, finances, HR, and payroll, as well as inventory management, are all made easier with our software. In order to make organizational activities easier, faster, and more reliable, it is designed for seamless data flow and easy integration. We additionally offer ERP for certain unique elements for the Creation Organization ventures.

The product assists with recording information and track exercises including getting a request, remarkable obligations, asset arranging. management of inventory, among other things. It also stores information about products. It assists with working on the effectiveness and benefit of the business. Multi-location-based and multi-currency operations are supported.

The cloud database contains all of the data and is accessible at any time and from any location. It provides a comprehensive reporting module that provides data in real time to assist you in making better business decisions. You can likewise get ready custom reports in view of your prerequisite.

Onkhon ERP makes it possible to better manage your business by integrating with various ERP modules like finance, sales, human resources, and supply chain management. It is made to fit your business’s specifications. We provide excellent after-sales support and are available to assist you in using our ERP solution.

We make software just for your business! We collaborate with you to guarantee timely and error-free delivery. For a quote from one of Bangladesh’s best ERP solution providers, contact us right away.

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